Sunday, November 29, 2015
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HSSD Approves $52,601 Fieldhouse Roof Bid
8/19/2014 3:08:48 PM
Last Updated:
8/27/2014 3:52:47 PM

Newly-elected HSSD Vice-Chairman Jerry Morris is sworn in by Director of Schools Pat Dillahunty.

HUNTINGDON (August 21) During the regular monthly meeting of the Huntingdon Special School District Board of Education, board members, at the recommendation of Director of Schools Pat Dillahunty, approved the $52,601 bid submitted by Clyde Howell Roofing of Columbia to replace the Mansfield-Pritchard Fieldhouse Roof.

Prior to approval, Board Chairman Dr. Lee Carter said, "During the recent rain storm, water poured into the fieldhouse from above and below. Water poured through leaks in the roof and entered the structure through doorways. In an effort to remedy the problem, Director Dillahunty let bids for replacement of the roof."

Dillahunty added, "We received two bids. A lesser bid of $47,495 was received by B&B Roofing of Greenfield, but they quoted a polyurethane-coated roof, which was not by specs and not what we want. The higher bidder, Claude Howell, quoted with replacement materials specified. He also informed me that he would be willing to work on weekends to complete the job in a timely manner. I recommend that we accept Mr. Howell's higher bid."

Upon bid acceptance, Dillahunty said that she would notify Howell the next day.

Dillahunty also said that building project renovations to Paul Ward bleachers, the new greenhouse and new trophy cases located inside the gym lobby were completed.

At the motion of Vice-Chairman Jerry Morris and second by board member Vicki Williams, the board approved the tenuring of HPS Reading Specialist Heather Kee and HMS Physical Education Instructor Nathan Wallace.

Prior to approval, Dillahunty noted that Kee and Wallace were the first teachers to qualify for tenure since the changing of tenuring laws for new teachers five years ago.

To qualify for tenure, new teachers must teach in the school system for a period of five years and achieve a minimum overall evalution score of four of five for two consecutive years.

She added, "Under the new law, newly tenured teachers must maintain an overall evaluation score of four or five. If they fail to achieve the minimum evaluation score for two consecutive years, they can lose tenure."

At the motion of board member Dr. Tim Tucker and second by Williams, the following board policies were amended: 4.401-Textbook Selection, Distribution and Care; 4.700-Testing Program; 4.802-Student Equal Access; 4.803-Recognition of Religious Beliefs, Customs and Holidays; 5.310-Vacations and Holidays; 6.200-Attendance.

Policy 4.401-Textbook Selection, Distribution and Care was updated to reflect a revision to TCA 49-6-2207 (e) which requires that once proposed textbooks have been approved by the Board, the director of schools shall post the approved textbooks on the school system website and send notice to the commissioner of education.

Policy 4.700-Testing Program was updated to reflect a revision to TCA 49-6-6007 requiring that no later than July 31st of each year, a LEA shall post on its website information regarding state and board mandated tests that will be administered during the school year. This statute also requires a LEA, beginning with the 2015-16 school year, to include information related to testing information in each school's student handbook or policy guidebook that is distributed on an annual basis.

Policy 4.802-Student Equal Access-The Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act requires a LEA to adopt a policy if a LEA provides a limited public forum whereby students are allowed to speak during school sponsored events. The policy must allow student speakers to publicly state or express a religious viewpoint without fear of discrimiantion or retaliation. In addition, the policy must address certain statutory requirements which are included in the recommendation policy.

Policy 4.803 Recognition of Religious Beliefs, Customs and Holidays was updated to reflect the new statutory provision of the Religious Viewpoints Act. This Act allows students to express religious beliefs in homework, artwork, and other written and oral assignments free from discrimination based on the religious content of their submissions. The new statutory provision also explicitly prohibits student from being penalized or rewarded on account of the religious content of their work.

Policy 5.301-Vacations and Holidays was added to the manual to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Schools are required to have a formal policy regarding sick, paid vacation, or annual leave.

6.200-Attendance was updated to reflect a regulatory revision implemented by the State Board of Education requiring that when a student is absent five days without adequate excuse, the principal / designee shall initiate meaningful communications with the student and parent / guardian in order to determine the underlying cause(s) of the unexcused absences. The principal / designee shall then develop an attendance plan and coordinate additional services designed to improve the student's attendance. Upon notification that a student has been absent ten days without adequate excuse, the principal / designee shall attempt to meet in person with the student and parent / guardian to determine the appropriate services needed to improve student attendance. The principal / designee shall document all communication attempts and refine the attendance plan. The new regulation also requires the LEA to develop, via policy, an attendance appeals process whereby students who have excessive unexcused absences will be afforded due process.

The board acknowledged the resignation of Gwen Canfield, HPS cafeteria.

In final business, the board approved the following consent agenda:

A. Approval of the July balance sheets and minutes of the July 17th meeting.

B. Acknowledge the retirement of Morris Hollowell.

C. Acknowledge the employment of Shelby Hoover, 6th grade Math.

D. Acknowledge the transfer of Lindsey Anderson, HHS Math.

E. Acknowledge a leave of absence for Linda Reeves on August 25-29.

F. Next school board meeting is Thursday, September 18 at 7:00 p.m. 


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