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Dr. Bryan Merrick Needs Your Help

Bureaucracy stands between many patients and the compassionate care of Bryan Merrick, M.D. Merrick, his family, and his patients need your help to help him restore his privileges with Medicare.
Carroll County is a medically underserved area and has a high percentage of its population using Medicare as its primary source of health insurance.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Only if Dr. Merrick is able to reverse the ruling can he restore privileges with Medicare. It is your turn to show your support of Dr. Merrick. Here is how:
Senator Lamar Alexander,
David Cleary, Chief of Staff, david_cleary@alexander.senate.gov
Senator Bob Corker,
Todd Womack, Chief of Staff, todd_womack@corker.senate.gov
Congressman Davis Kustoff, 202-225-4714
Tyler Threadgill, Chief of Staff, tyler.threadgill@mail.house.gov




For persons without computers, First United Methodist Church of McKenzie is offering to help by giving the opportunity to make contact with the necessary government officials.
McKenzie First Methodist Church, McTyiere Street.
Monday to Thursday. 9 a.m. to noon, and 1 to 3 p.m.
Volunteers are available to help anyone who needs assistance with contacting their congressman to support Dr. Bryan Merrick.

Dr. Merrick has served the tri-county area for 30 years without blemish or accusation.
He is the only board-certified internist serving the McKenzie hospital.
He is one of only thirteen primary care physicians in Carroll County.
The Carroll County area is designated as a “medically underserved area.”
Dr. Merrick’s patients are losing their physician because of clerical errors with 10 patients totaling $670 over 20 months or a dollar a day.
30 incorrect billings out of more than 30,000 billings is less than 1/10th of 1%.


Click the link to read the full story. http://www.mckenziebanner.com/site/featured/2017/10/10/merrickfightscms-fullstory/

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