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McKenzie School Grants Tenure

McKenzie School Grants Tenure

McKENZIE (December 5) — Six McKenzie teachers were granted tenure by the McKenzie Special School District Board of Education on December 5. The Board approved a motion by Greg Barker and seconded by Elaine Brown to approve the granting of tenure to teachers Allison Winston, Josephine Wright, Beth Bailey, Mallory Fowler, Anna Holland, and John Wilkins. Motion carried unanimously.

Amanda Morris and Jean Hollomon from McKenzie Middle School had a presentation on the Middle School’s Service Day. The McKenzie Banner wrote an extensive article on the Service Day.

McKenzie High School Beta Club gave a report on the state competition.

Motion by Norman French, second by Lance Rider to approve the expenditures related to the Safe School Grant. Motion carried unanimously.

Motion by Elaine Brown, second by Greg Barker, to approve the local Textbook Selection Committee for the adoption of Science, PE/Wellness, and Fine Arts. Motion carried unanimously. (A complete list is filed with the board attachment file.) A motion was made by Norman French, and second by Jon Davis, to approve 2018-2019 School Calendar: a calendar uniform for all five special school districts.. Motion carried unanimously.

Brad Davis tenured his resignation from the Board of Education. He has moved his family to Martin. The Board decided to publicize the vacancy to seek interested persons to fill the unexpired term.

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