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Dr. Bryan Merrick Needs Your Help

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Bureaucracy stands between many patients and the compassionate care of Bryan Merrick, M.D. Merrick, his family, and his patients need your help to help him restore his privileges with Medicare. Carroll County is a medically underserved area and has a high percentage of its population using Medicare as its primary source of health insurance. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. ...

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Millicent Could Sure Turn Your Stomach!

HUNKER DOWN WITH KES Millicent Could Sure Turn Your Stomach! There are things about your childhood you can not un-forget. You return to them year after year. It’s automatic, like clockwork… or those swallows finding their way back to San Juan Capistrano. October rolls around and I feel ten years old again. My heartbeat quickens. The smell of sawdust, corn ...

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West Tennessee Receives $2.9 Million in Grants

GUEST EDITORIAL West Tennessee Receives $2.9 Million in Grants Carroll County Excluded BY JASON MARTIN jmartin@mckenziebanner.com The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) announced $2.9 million in new DRA investments in regards to strengthening Tennessee’s infrastructure, workforce and economy. The western portion of Tennessee is one of eight states to receive DRA investments. The agency’s total investments in the Mississippi River Delta ...

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Clarification In the October 3, 2017 edition of The Banner, the story “Paris Man Dies Shielding Wife in Las Vegas Massacre” states that Sonny and Dr. Heather Melton reside in Paris. The late Sonny and his wife are employees at Henry County Medical Center in Paris, but their residence is in Big Sandy.

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Looking Back


Looking Back From Our Archives… 10 YEARS AGO — Junior Sarah Edwards was crowned McKenzie High School Homecoming Queen. Other members of the royalty included junior Victoria Hampton and seniors Lauren Flippin, Josie Jarrett and Jana Barham. *McKenzie Family YMCA announced that it would close in early November. *Employees at Dana-Plumley Division in McKenzie agreed to unionize through the United ...

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Letters The Readers Speak … It is difficult for me to share deep personal pain with my closest loved ones. It is even more difficult to share that pain with my best friends. Finally it is almost impossible for me to open up and to share that pain with a complete stranger. However, that is exactly what Dr. Heather Gulish ...

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Chapter One, Entertainment

Chapter One, Entertainment BY PAULA WATKINS To be continued, as our grandson used to say when we had to listen and listen to an imaginary tale he would make up as we rode along to an event – thank you, Caleb! The gang, consisting of Stonewall and Jordan Street, and Bell Avenue (Jortonell Gang) did have lulls in neighborhood entertainment. ...

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Debunking the Newspapers Are Dying Idea

Debunking the Newspapers Are Dying Idea By David Chavern Imagine waking up in a world without newspapers. “Ha!” You say, “I haven’t gotten a newspaper in years.” But I’m not talking about just the paper delivered by carriers or the postal service. I’m talking about the news online, the links on social media, the email newsletter, the source cited in ...

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The Jortonell Gang

The Jortonell Gang By Paula Watkins That got your attention, didn’t it? A gang like no other existed on the north end of town in 1950’s. This bunch of young’uns was as lively as any shoot ‘em up western you could see at the Park Theatre Saturday matinee. These hooligans stayed busy from sunup to when the street lights came ...

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