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The McKenzie Banner

3 Banner Row
McKenzie, TN 38201

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A publication of Tri-County Publishing, Inc., a Tennessee corporation, McKenzie, Tenn.



Our Staff

Joel Washburn washburn@mckenziebanner.com

Ramona Washburn
Publisher Emeritus

Linda Bolton
Associate Editor Emeritus

Teresa Washburn teresa@mckenziebanner.com
Office Manager / Accounting

Brittany Washburn-Martin bmwashburn@mckenziebanner.com
Composition Supervisor / Graphic Designer

Janna Pratt themckenziebanner@gmail.com
Graphic Designer / Circulation

Jennifer Sims jennifer@mckenziebanner.com
Advertising / Promotional Products

Ernie Smothers smothers@mckenziebanner.com
News & Sports Reporter

Brad Sam brad@mckenziebanner.com
News & Sports Reporter



Tri-County Publishing, Inc Commercial Printshop

Charles Felts cfelts@mckenziebanner.com
Manager and Sales

Jason Martin jmartin@mckenziebanner.com
Sports, News & Printshop Manager

Phone 731-352-3323



Our Sister Publication

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PO Box 139
Dresden, TN 38225

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