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Director Receives Performance Evaluation


Director Receives Performance Evaluation



BRUCETON (February 13) — During the regular monthly meeting of the Hollow Rock-Bruceton Special School District Board of Education, board member Randy Kelley informed board members Director of Schools David Duncan’s evaluation score of 128.6 exceeds expectations in terms of job performance.

He said, “On a scale of one to five with one being least effective to five being most effective, Director Duncan averaged a 4.6. His total score of 128.6 placed him firmly in the fifth, or highest level of expectations ranging from 112 to 140. He tallied great scores throughout relative to board relationships, community relationships, staff and personnel relationships, system vision, and student achievement.”

He concluded, “The evaluation totals received by the board reflect very positively on Director Duncan’s performance.”

After thanking Kelley for tabulating the evaluation materials, HRBSSD Chairman Brad Hurley asked Duncan to place his contract on next month’s meeting agenda for discussion.

Director Duncan’s contract expires June 30, 2018.

Duncan informed the board two bids for the high school football field concession stand were received.

He said Humble Builders’ bid was lowest at $80,000. Primetime bid $96,500. Both companies are licensed, bonded and insured and were provided with detailed plans specifying requirements to build the concession stand. He recommended Humble Builders to do the job.

Kelley asked about the deadline for completion.

Duncan said before the first home football game in 2017.

The board, at the recommendation of Duncan, approved changes to Policy 2.804-Expenses and Reimbursements.

Addressing the board, Duncan said, “The changes to Policy 2.804 reflect that expenses for travel will be reimbursed at the Tennessee Comprehensive Travel Regulation rates when the travel has the advance authorization of the director of schools. The director of schools or designee may grant this authorization without prior board action when the travel expense has been anticipated and incorporated into the operational budget of the particular program involved.”

Duncan said that reimbursement rates included $28 for meals, reimbursement for parking with receipt and conference rates for lodging.

During Principal’s Report, Central High School Principal Joe Norval said that 100-percent of Central’s seniors on track to receive a diploma took the new state-required Civics test.

He said the state requires seniors take the new Civics test but not necessarily pass it to graduate. He noted all seniors passed the test.

Central Elementary School Principal Deborah Martin informed the board CES students from Kindergarten through fifth grade are eligible to compete in an American Legion-sponsored writing contest entitled, “What a Veteran Means to Me.”

She said, “Students can write poems, essays, or express their ideas via use of photographs. Five winners will receive a bus ride to Discovery Park of America in Union City and be accompanied by veterans there.”

The board also changed the current school calendar to use stockpiled days approved by Commissioner McQueen for days missed due to illness (February 2 and February 3).

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