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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

DUI — A Trezevant man was arrested during an April 3 traffic stop. Deputy Labe Ezell charged Mark Bartholomew Argo, 60, of 45 Bryant Street with DUI second offense. According to Ezell’s report, Argo was stopped while driving in Trezevant when deputies observed him swerving on the road. When he was stopped, Argo immediately exited his vehicle and admitted to drinking three beers. Deputies found 12 empty beer bottles and cans in the vehicle. Argo failed field sobriety tests. His license was already revoked for a prior DUI offense.

Evading arrest — A McKenzie man was arrested April 2 after a vehicular pursuit. Deputy Carlton Cupples charged Austin Bradley Cantrell, 21, of 260 Winston Avenue with felony evading arrest and reckless endangerment. Cupples reported that deputies spotted Cantrell driving a purple Toyota Scion and tried to hide his face from deputies because he had a warrant for his arrest for violation of probation. As Cupples followed Cantrell through Hollow Rock, Cantrell made several turns in an attempt to lose deputies, even after they activated blue lights and sirens. At one point, Cantrell passed a car as it was going over railroad tracks. Eventually, Cantrell stopped and was arrested. Cantrell and Adam Moody were also accused of theft the day before the arrest.

Vehicle theft — Deputies are investigating a theft. James Tharp of Hollow Rock reported to deputies that his 2012 Ford F-350 was stolen from his residence on April 2. A pistol was in the vehicle when it was stolen.

Fraud — deputies are investigating a case of fraud. Mitzi Gibson of Jackson reported to deputies that her daughter Laura Gibson had logged into her Navy Federal Credit Union account and added herself to the account and transferred $400 from the account without permission.

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