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Mama T’s What’s Cookin’ Recipes – June 20, 2017

Mama T ’ s WHAT’S


By Teresa Washburn

Surprise Pickles

1 quart whole dill pickles drain and slice

12 whole cloves

2 cup sugar

2 sticks cinnamon, broken

3 tablespoon vinegar Put in air tight container. Put all ingredients in it. Leave unopened for 24 hours. Stir one time at bedtime. Next day, put in jar and put in refrigerator.

14 Day Pickles

1 gallon cucumbers Soak in water. Add 1 cup salt.

8 days. On 9th day, add blue stone size of a pea with boiling water. On 10th day, alum, size of walnut, with boiling water.

Syrup for Pickles

2 quart vinegar

1 tablespoon mixed spice

5 cup sugar

3 or 4 sticks cinnamon Heat syrup and pour over pickles for 3 mornings. Leave in container.

Easy Way to Freeze Corn

15 cup corn cut and scraped from cob

1 cup sugar

4 cup ice water

4 tablespoon salt Mix all together. Put amount needed for family in zip lock bags. Seal and freeze immediately.

Canning Green Beans

5 quarts broken beans

1 cup sugar ¼ cup canning salt

1 cup vinegar Cover with water. Cook at rolling boil for 45 minutes. Can in own juice. Boil in open water bath until jars are sealed.

Tomato Catsup

1 gallon tomatoes, ripe

2 or 3 green peppers

2 teaspoon cloves, ground Salt and pepper

4 cup sugar

4 cup vinegar

4 or 5 chopped onions

3 teaspoon allspice Heat your tomatoes a few minutes and pour off juice. Mix in rest of ingredients and slowly cook down real low, almost brown like. Can.

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