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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Assault — A Huntingdon man was arrested July 1. Deputy Labe Ezell charged Gerald Taylor, 21, of 13350 Paris Street, with aggravated assault. According to Ezell’s report, a woman went to the Carroll County Jail to report that while she and Taylor were parked in a church parking lot in Huntingdon, he had repeatedly hit her and choked her. She had visible injuries to her face, neck, right arm, and the back of her head. When deputies spoke with Taylor about the incident, he requested a lawyer.

Assault — A Buena Vista woman was arrested June 30. Deputy Michael Krause charged Mandy Turner, 30, of 360 Ellis Road with simple assault. According to Krause’s report, deputies were called to Turner’s residence after she was involved in an altercation with her sister. When deputies arrived, Turner told them everything had been verbal. However, her sister and witnesses told deputies that earlier that day Turner had grabbed her sister by the head and struck her in the head on another occasion.

Drug Possession — A McKenzie woman was arrested July 1. Deputy Kenny Tucker charged Emily Espey, 34, of 4880 Hilliard Road with drug possession. According to Tucker’s report, Espey was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for dark window tint. She was arrested for outstanding warrants. She was found to be in possession of nine Hydrocodone pills. While being booked, officers also found 12 Xanax pills on her. She was later charged for introduction of a drug into a penal institution after an inmate claimed she had purchased methamphetamines from her.

Public Intoxication — A Huntingdon man was cited into court July 6. Deputy Lee Bates charged Chad Fletcher, 39, of 4600 Terry Road with public intoxication. According to Bates’ report, Fletcher was in General Sessions Court when he was found to be intoxicated.

Drug Possession — A Lexington woman was charged on July 4. Deputy Jason Walker charged Judy Milholen, 39, with possession of schedule II. According to Walker’s report, officers used a K-9 unit in the women’s jail cells in the Carroll County Jail. The dog alerted officers to the presence of half a gram of methamphetamine in Milholen’s cell. She claimed she had gotten it from Emily Espey.

Burglary — Deputies are investigating a burglary. Richard Cross of Westport reported to deputies on July 6 that his home had been burglarized. Someone had entered the home within the past week through a window. The only thing missing was a car key. Deputies recovered a towel not belonging to the homeowner from the scene. A neighbor, Gary Douglas, had been parking his Jeep in Cross’ carport. The Jeep had been broken into and the steering column had been tampered with.

Theft — Deputies are investigating a case of theft. Steven Hampton of Buena Vista reported to deputies on July 6 that the tag from his vehicle was missing.

Theft — Holly Fawcett of Huntingdon reported to deputies on July 5 that several tools were stolen from her garage.

Driving Without a License

— A McKenzie man was arrested July 5. Deputy Christopher Adams charged Bobby Joe Bolin, 36, of 1505 Old Christmasville Road with driving on a revoked license and violation of financial responsibility. Adams reported that after Bolin had caused a disturbance at a Trezevant residence, he was stopped. Bolin’s license was revoked, he could not provide proof of insurance, and the vehicle was unregistered.

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