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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

Rubin Lublin TN, PLLC to Federal National Mortgage Association in District 4.

Jimmy Ray Rainey to Christopher Melvin and Beth Leeann Hughes in District 4.

Becky A. Burkhalter to JCPD Enterprises, Inc.

David L. Jackson and others to Melisa Ann Harbst in District 4.

David Hall and Misty Dawn Magee to Michael Brett Gibson in District 23.

Chris Jennette and others to Chris Jennette in District 11.

Richard Glen Burns to Jesse and Brenda Comstock in District 22.

Mark A. Jackson to Teresa Ann Jackson in District 6.

Arlene F. Farmer to Robert B. Thrift in District 16.

Adrian Jamison to Phillip O. and James Mitch Hart Lewis in District 13.

Dale N. Autry to Rex Allen Berry in District 24.

Barbara Lee Allen to Samuel K. and Jane P. Carrell and others in District 4.

Dina Robin Hughes Scott to Robert Hughes.

Richard T. and Shari L. Fisk to James G. Johnson and others. Miranda Shantel Smith to Thomas R. and Deborah A. Negrette in District 6.

Betty C. Hixon to Jack A. Hixon Sr.

Carolyn Pritchard Rowland to Carolyn Pritchard Rowland in District 13.

James Michael Arnold to Luenie Denilus in District 13.

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