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Summer Reading Closes with Super Science TN


Summer Reading Closes with Super Science TN



McKENZIE (June 30) — McKenzie Memorial Library’s Summer Reading Program closed Friday with a presentation by Super Science TN’s Mr. Rich, a perennial favorite for local readers.

This year, the theme of Mr. Rich’s program was “Build a Better World.” As always, the Super Scientist wowed the kids and grown-ups alike with his feats that seem like magic until he explains the science behind each trick.

He used a Tesla coil to demonstrate how electricity flows, giving brave volunteers a small shock through various conduits.

He created a comet, or “dirty snowball,” before their eyes using dirt, ammonia, water, syrup and dry ice.

He made water “disappear” from a cup using the powder typically used in disposable diapers, which he explained is also what astronauts use to go to the bathroom in space.

Finally, he had all of the kids participate in constructing a maze, and they all took turns crawling through.

The young readers thanked Mr. Rich for coming, and they were given various prizes by the library as they left.

Summer Reading may be over for the year, but readers young and old can read on at McKenzie Memorial Library, open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, excluding Wednesday.

Photos by Brad Sam/The Banner

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