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Area Marriage Licenses

Area Marriage Licenses

Charles Hammond Smith, Jr.,

48, of Huntingdon to Tonya Michele Rich, 48, of Huntingdon.

Eathon Anthony Moon, 18, of Bruceton to Kayla Jordan Pusey,

18, of Bruceton.

James Frederick Grimm, Jr.,

47, of Lavinia to Angie Michelle Poe, 38, of Lavinia.

Daniel Altom Perry, 52, of Huntingdon to Susan Ann Miller Walls, 46, of Huntingdon.

Zachary Aaron Clement, 27, of Hollow Rock to Kayla Marie Christian, 23, of Hollow Rock.

Ricky Lane Mayfield, 59, of Trezevant to Tina Marie Carver,

41, of Trezevant.

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