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Huntingdon Police Reports

Huntingdon Police Reports

Assault — Two Huntingdon women were arrested September 2. Sergeant Brad Allen charged Brooksey Wadley, 26, and Breanna Wadley, 24, with simple assault. According to Allen’s report, officers took a statement form Latasha Burrough who said Brooksey and Breanna had attacked her when she was at 11400 Lexington Street, punching her in the eye and stomach and kicking her in the ribs and back.

Multiple Charges — A Huntingdon woman was arrested August 30. Investigator Joseph Hedge charged Amber Earp, 29, with child neglect, marijuana possession, and driving on a suspended driver’s license. According to Hedge’s report, officers received a call from the Department of Children’s Services about a six-year old and an eight-year old who were home alone. The children said their mother, Amber Earp, was at work, but they didn’t know where her place of work was. During a search of the home, a small, hand-rolled cigar containing marijuana was found. Earp arrived home approximately two hours after DCS had arrived and consented to a search of the home where a small amount of marijuana was found in a bedroom. A computer check of her license showed it to be suspended.

Public Intoxication — A Huntingdon man and Jackson man were arrested September 3. Patrolman Brian Bennett charged Jamie P. O’Mahony, 18, of Huntingdon and Colton Bradley, 19, of Jackson with public intoxication. According to Bennett’s report, the officer was driving along East Main Street in his patrol car when two men ran in front of his car. Bennett stopped his police cruiser at Cash Savers to speak with them. The report noted that O’Mahony and Bradley had 40-ounce malt liquor beverages on them and appeared to be under the influence.

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