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McKenzie School Board Elects Officers

McKenzie School Board Elects Officers

McKENZIE (September 5) — McKenzie Special School District Board of Education selected its officers and delegates to the Tennessee Legislative Network during the September 5 meeting.

John Austin and Greg Barker were selected as chairman and vice chairman respectively. Jon Davis was selected as treasurer, and Brad Davis was selected as the TLN member with Lance Rider as the alternative. All will serve a one-year period.

Lynn Watkins, director of schools, said enrollment for the 2017-18 school year is 1,323, which is 46 students above the current funding number. The increase in enrollment reverses a trend of declining enrollment for several years.

End-of-course scores for 2016-17 improved considerable as compared to one year earlier, when achievement testing significantly changed in methodology. Scores in algebra, algebra II, English II, English III, and Geometry improved. Scores in Biology, chemistry, English I, and U.S. History declined as compared to the previous year.

McKenzie High School students had mastery levels of 20.7 percent on algebra I (state rank 31), algebra II 21.6 mastery (state rank 53); biology 65.2 percent mastery (state rank 47); chemistry 78.9 percent mastery (state rank 5); English I has 25.2 percent mastery (state rank 71); English II netted 37.8 percent mastery (state rank 65); English III netted 55.3 percent mastery (state rank 6); geometry netted 20.4 percent mastery (state rank 75); and U.S. history had 24.4 percent mastery (state rank 89).

Niche.com ranked McKenzie Special School District as the nineteenth best school system in Tennessee. Gibson County was ranked 18th, Huntingdon 21st, Dyersburg City 22, Henderson County 24, Union City 27, Henry County 27, Bradford 34, Milan 35, and South Carroll 39, to name a few. The best schools were Greeneville, Kingsport, Oak Ridge, Williamson county, Maryville City, Johnson City, Alcoa, Germantown, Rutherford County, Collierville, Clarksville-Montgomery, and Wilson County.

The board made a budget amendment to accept a $49.481 grant to the Health Sciences program.

In the Director’s Report, Mr. Watkins announced the following additions to the substitute teacher list: Sarahn Deloach, Jo Ann Elam, Robert Gardner, Courtney Creasy Kee, Lorena Chesser, Jesscia Lampley, Shannon Priddy, Sara Tuttle, and Whitney Crocker (nurse).

Ashley Gordon was hired as a staff member of the middle school cafeteria and Kay Gant resigned from the cafeteria.

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