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Educators, Administrators Applauded for District TVAAS Scores


Educators, Administrators Applauded for District TVAAS Scores

Courtesy Carroll County News-Leader

ATWOOD (October 5) — Teaching and administrative staff members with the West Carroll Special School District were recognized for successfully fostering academic growth among students during Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting.

Supervisor of Instruction Regina Alred addressed the board regarding the school district’s Tennessee Value-Added System (TVAAS) scores as part of the district’s TN Ready assessment from the state for the 2016-17 school year.

As Alred explained, TVAAS measures the academic growth of students from one year to Scores

the next by comparing performance on state tests from year to year and then comparing the amount of growth shown with the average amount of growth experienced by students across the state.

Alred informed the board the district received an overall TVAAS composite score of four out of five with students scoring a three in Literacy, five in Numeracy, five in Literacy & Numeracy, two in Science, and one in Social Studies.

Alred pointed out that West Carroll’s overall TVAAS composite was higher than any other school district in Carroll County and comparable to many much larger school districts with greater resources.

“I just wanted to brag,” said Allred. “I think this shows that we really do have a good thing going here at West Carroll.”

Alred gave special praise to West Carroll Elementary School Principal Molley Ashley and her staff. WCES students topped out the district with an overall TVAAS composite of five out of five.

Ashley praised all WCES employees, and not just teaching staff, for contributing to this success.

“It takes everybody,” said Ashley. “I so proud of all of them.”

Ashley showed he board a special banner she had made congratulating WCES staff and students for their achievement.

“This will go in the school cafeteria for everyone to see,” said Ashley.

In other business, the board:

•Recognized members of the West Carroll Junior-Senior High School Golf Team for their success in the first year of the school’s golf program. Team members include Luke Moore, Jed Robinson, Dallas Montgomery, Trey Browning, Tyler Barrow, and Sadie Martin. Robinson and Montgomery advanced to regional competition. The team is coached by Nancy Hopper.

•Recognized cross-country running team member Natalie Moore. As an eighth grader, Natalie won four top ten placement medals this year.

•Heard West Carroll Primary Principle Jackie Wester praise custodial staff members Jackie Poole and Gerald Mauldin.

•Approved a $214,632 total bid from Redmond’s Construction of Trezevant for the construction of two press box/concession/ restroom facilities — one at the baseball field and one at the softball field. The two other bidders included B & B Construction of Trezevant at $110,000 for each facility and Keymon Construction of Milan for $124,688 for each facility.

•Accepted the resignation of WCES custodian Serena Morgan.

•Approved the Textbook Review Committee.

•Approved the 2017 LEA Compliance Report.

•Approved an overnight trip by the FCCLA to attend to FCCLA Cluster Meeting in Washington, D.C. on November 7-12.

•Granted a request from West Carroll Junior-Senior High School Principal Tim Stratton to permit the creation of a practice green on the school campus. Stratton said the project would be funded through UT Martin, area golf agencies, and community support.

•Gave second and final reading approval to a board policy update that gives more weight to honors and post-secondary courses when calculating student grade point averages and class rankings.

•Gave first reading approval to four board policy updates: one dealing with charter school applications, one including new state guidelines regarding how to figure TN Ready test scores into students’ final grades; one giving more clarity regarding teacher tenure, and one dealing with voluntary pre-K attendance.

•Approved the annual Safe School Act budget.

•Declared a number of old technology items as surplus property.

Photos Courtesy Carroll County News-Leader

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