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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

Billy F. Burns, Sr. to Billy F. Burns, Jr. in District 20.

Shelli Bailey Crum to Cyndee C. Webb in District 16.

Nancy T. Sandlin to Patrick Mullins in District 6.

Donald L. Perkins to William Theret in District 11.

Wilson & Associates, PLLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society.

Stephanie and Ronald Fletcher to Robert Christopher and Kathy Frye Farrelly in District 6.

Shapiro & Ingle, LLP to Angela and James Howe.

Caleb and Hannah Haywood to Forrest D. Reasons and others in District 4.

Andre Collins to Deslonde and Joan Collins in District 7.

Shannon W. Johnson to Justin Dallas Sanders.

Vickie L. Forrest to Vickie L. Forrest and others in District 16.

Forrest Dale and Beverly A. Reasons to Gary C. and Patricia C. Vick.

Harold Landon Pinkley, Jr. to Sherry Lynn Taylor in District 13.

Reginald Joyner to Michael D. King in District 2.

Kathy Lynn Tosh to Jacob Thomas Harper in District 11.

Matthew and Amanda Jones to Matthew C. and Morgan K. Foster in District 4.

David D. and Summer N. Davis to Patricia D. Salmon in District 4.

Jeremy T. and Kimberly B. Washburn to Casey B. Drewry in District 4.

Jason T. Roberts to Jason T. Roberts in District 4.

Russell Lee and Beverly Barmore to Keith Barmore and others in District 11.

Janet F. Brazel to Florence V. Polinski.

David M. Taylor to Elisa D. Kyle in District 13.

Jerry Parkinson and others to Jimmy Franklin Sanders Jr. in District 6.

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