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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports


•A Huntingdon man was arrested October 23. Deputy Jackie Edwards charged Jacob Drinkard, 32, of 609 Bridgeman with domestic assault. According to Edwards’ report, Drinkard’s mother reported to deputies that he had come to her home demanding pain pills. When she denied his request, he head-butted her and threw her on the couch. She then slapped him and told him to leave. She said he told her that if she called 911 he would kill her.

*** Assault

•A Bruceton man was arrested October 24.

Deputy Christopher Adams charged Vincent Chapple, 48, of 1885 Hebron Church Road with domestic assault. According to Adams’ report, deputies were dispatched to Chapple’s address. Chapple’s girlfriend said he had punched her in the face and thrown her to the ground. EMS checked her out and photographed her discolored left eye and the redness on her back. Chapple had a pending citation for a simple assault that was also served.

*** Public Intoxication

•A Bruceton man was arrested October 21.

Sergeant Lee Bates charged Robert Morton, 56, of 229 N Wyatt St. with public intoxication. According to Bates’ report, deputies and a Bruceton police officer were dispatched to a residence on Poplar Lane in reference to a domestic disturbance. Morton’s girlfriend said Morton had hit her and then left. Bates and a Bruceton officer searched for Morton in the nearby area. He eventually came out and admitted to hiding from officers. He seemed to be under the influence.

*** Drug Possession

•A Trenton man was arrested November 2.

Deputy Chris Adams charged Wayne Allen Ross, 51, with possession of drug paraphernalia. According to Adams’ report, deputies responded to a report of a suspicious person on Church Street in Trezevant. The person was Ross, who had a marijuana grinder in his possession.

*** Public Intoxication

•A Cedar Grove man was arrested October 30. Deputy Dennis Adkins charged Philip Nelson Lindsey, 63, of 520 Parker Store Road with public intoxication. According to Adkins’ report, Quality Service Center in Cedar Grove called deputies in reference to a man who was unconscious in front of the store. The man was Lindsey, who was stumbling around by the time deputies arrived.

*** Break In

•Deputies are investigating a break in.

Terry Martin, Jr. of Atwood reported to deputies on November 3 that his home was broken into with shots fired. Martin said he was asleep in his bed when he was woken up by gunshots. When he went into his living room, two suspects left through the front door. They were about 5’11” and thin. A .40 caliber casing was found on the front porch, another casing was found in the living room, and an AK47 bullet was found in the living room. A brick was found that had not previously been there and the curtains on the front door had two bullet holes. A house shoe was left outside, along with a grey hat with eyeholes cut into it and a blue glove. Deputies used a K-9 to track where the suspects ran to an address on Peggy Lane.

*** Motorcycle Theft

•Deputies are investigating the theft of a motorcycle.

Gregory Curtis of McKenzie reported on November 1 that his 2006 1560 Harley Davidson was taken from his carport. The motorcycle is black with silver/gray on the back fenders. It also has a lot of chrome on it and has a luggage rack and a windshield.

*** Animal at Large

•A McKenzie woman was cited into court on November 2.

Deputy Chris Adams charged Donna Fornera, 50, of 2020 Carroll Lake Road with animal running at large. According to Adams’ report, he stopped to assist a vehicle with its emergency flashers in use on Highway 22. The driver reported she had hit a dog that had crossed in front of her. The dog was found and had a phone number on its collar. The dog belonged to Fornera. Damage had been caused to the vehicle that had hit the dog.

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