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Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses

•Mark Ethan Winfield, 27, of McKenzie to Ariella Mae Austin, 27, of Nashville.

•Michael Allen Case, 38, of McKenzie to Danielle Nicole Mason, 30, of McKenzie.

•Robert Samuel Simmons, 38, of Dyersburg to Edie Catherine Cooper, 34, of Dyersburg.

•Justin Tanner Carroll, 31, of Bruceton to Stephanie Danielle White, 24, of Bruceton.

•Elijah Vidal Chapman, 25, of Milan to Constance Elise Chesser, 20, of Milan.

•Martin Dale Pinkley, 54, of Huntingdon to Sandra Gail Herrin Quillen, 57, of Huntingdon.

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