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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Charles W. Cochran to Joan A. Cochran in District 16.

•Taylor Rental LLC to Taylor Family Irrevocable Trust in District 11.

•Lance Warren to Michael J. Stafford in District 22.

•Lindy G. and Charlotte A. Dill to Cindy D. and Mark S. Williams in District 12.

•Betty Britt and Edward S. III Parrish to Carolyn L. Floyd and others in District 11.

•Matthew Ward to Matthew Ward in District 23.

•Perry V. Wade and others to Berry K. and Wilma B. Zeigler in District 11.

•James I and Lisa D. Iddings to James M. and Pamela M. Henson in District 11.

•Harold and Barbara Miller to Ashlee M. Young in District 12.

•Judy Vestal to Judy Carol Vestal in District 5.

•Steven L. and L. Gail West to Amy S. Pruett and others in District 23.

•Paul B. Toombs to Betty Toombs in District 9.

•William David and Patricia Diane Scarbrough to Eric and Wendy Pinson in District 3.

•Garrett S. and Lauren Flannery to Chelsea Butler in District 22.

•William David and Patricia Diane Scarbrough to James G. and Patsy Grooms and others in District 3.

•Thomas G. Campbell to Michael Thomas Campbell in District 16.

•Kayla Renee Mims to Great American Land, LLC in District 16.

•Linda Hollingsworth to James D. and Georgia L. Brown in District 16.

•Betty D. Hastings to Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc.

•Deborah Ann Bendel to Michael W. and Cheryl J. Nicolay in District 16.

•Dennis James and Mark S. Williams to Deborah Ann Bendel in District 12.

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