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Carroll County Teen Health Councils Gather for Training

Carroll County Teen Health Councils Gather for Training

Teen Health Councils from Carroll County’s five special school districts gathered November 8 at the Carroll County Civic Center for a day of training, planning and sharing. Teen Health Councils provide peer-to-peer education and motivation for safe and healthy lifestyle choices for students in grades Pre-K through 12.

Eighty-three students gathered to participate in training and activities led by Carroll County Health Department Public Health Educator Barbara Kelly. The annual event provides the teens with the tools and information they need to go back to their respective schools to teach other students about the importance of making safe and healthy choices regarding tobacco, second-hand smoke, drugs, nutrition, physical activity, bullying, driving, etc.

Students and adults introduced themselves by using an adjective with the same first letter as their first name to tell others a little about themselves.

After a healthy lunch, Coordinated School Health Director Mandy Drewry introduced West Tennessee Regional Coordinator for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Melinda Hardin. Ms. Hardin spoke about various mental health issues that affect teens and teen suicide. She engaged the teens in a fun activity about how the brain works.

This year’s focus for the Councils is implementing policy change in their schools and communities. To help prepare them for public presentations, the teens participated in fun public speaking exercise to get them warmed up for more serious presentation preparations addressing policy change in their schools and communities. Each Council selected one of Tennessee’s Big Four Health Risks (healthy weight, physical activity, tobaccofree, drug misuse and abuse), worked on their presentation, and then demonstrated their justification for a specific policy change.

Braggin’ Time was a chance for students to report on their activities since the beginning of the school and their plans for the remainder of the year.

Joining the teens for the day were Carroll County Director of Schools John McAdams, South Carroll Director of Schools Dr. Tony Tucker, Council Advisors, Carroll County Health Council members and Carroll County Health Department staff. The annual event is provided by Carroll County Coordinated School Health, Carroll County Board of Education, Carroll County Government, and Carroll County Health Department Tobacco Settlement Funds.

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