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Electric Department Approves Employee Insurance Plan

Electric Department Approves Employee Insurance Plan



HUNTINGDON (November 30) — A new health insurance plan goes into effect January 1, 2018 for the 48 employees of Carroll County Electric Department. The Board of Directors of the utility company approved a plan that will save the company approximately 11.35 percent as compared to the 2017 premiums.

In a unanimous vote, the board approved Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Tennessee, Network S, with an associated Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). One hundred percent of the premiums are paid by the utility company with employees paying only out-of-pocket deductibles, some of which will be reimbursable.

Jacob Smothers of Huntingdon Insurance Company said there were four plans considered, including Blue Cross and United Healthcare. The 2018 plan will say the utility 11.35 percent with the attendant HRA. Estimated cost is $638,124 annually for the utility. Smothers said the chosen plan includes rate-banded based on family status: employee only, employee and children, employee and spouse, and family (employee, spouse, and children).

Ryan Drewry, accountant for the utility, said the company will meet with employees to explain the provisions of the plan.

Drewry revealed the total comparative rates: Employee-only $503.83 (2017), $490.56 (2018); Employee/Spouse $1,312.47 (2017), $981.13 (2018); Employee/Child $1,312.47 (2017), $907.54 (2018); Family $1,312.47 (2017), $1,398.10 (2018). All premiums are paid by the utility.

Carroll County Electric will hold a Christmas dinner on December 7 at the Carroll County Civic Center for the employees, spouses, board members, and special guests.

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