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McKenzie Garden Club News

McKenzie Garden Club News

McKenzie Garden Club met November 17 at the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. President Donna Ward welcomed members and mentioned the craft and bake sale items on display. She thanked hostesses: Gladys Patterson, Martha Sue Peters and Sarah Brown. Martha gave the devotional on Joy using Psalms 100: 1-2. Members then shared refreshments.

Roll call was read, to which members read from the Spice of Life. Sixteen members were present.

The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved. The financial report was given and approved as read. Donna stated she had sent a thank you note to the city for the care of Triangle Park.

Cynthia Summers read the proposed slate of officers for the club’s coming year: President: Donna Hodge Vice President: Donna Herrin Secretary: Susan Lawrence Treasurer: Cynthia Summers Cynthia made the motion to elect these officers and Victoria Ard seconded the motion. There was no old business, and, under new business, the club heard a request for participation in a Christmas project but decided to decline due to time constraints.

Members discussed the desire for a service project, and Martha Peters made the motion to donate money to each of the three schools in McKenzie. The money would be allocated for students in need.

Members sang “Happy Birthday” to Martha Peters, whose birthday was November 29.

Myra Sasser gave the program on harvesting maple syrup. She listed the kinds of trees used and the size of the trees required and stated that the sap flows for four to six weeks. One gallon of syrup requires the cooking down of ten gallons of sap.

Members closed the meeting by reading the Collect. Victoria Ard made the motion to adjourn and Glynda Rich seconded the motion.

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