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McKenzie Police Reports

McKenzie Police Reports

Theft — McKenzie Police Officer Paul Eddlemon investigated a missing wallet from the car wash on Cedar Avenue on November 29. Ashley Azbill of McKenzie stated she vacuumed her automobile at the car wash. Later, she received a phone call from a McKenzie resident to state she had her wallet. Azbill went to an apartment, where a man opened the just enough to hand out the wallet. Azbill said $120 was missing, but nothing else. Officer Eddlemon went to the car wash and reviewed the surveillance camera footage. He saw a white male walking away from the vacuum and it appeared to be stuffing an item in his pocket. Eddlemon advised Azbill to phone the banks and credit card companies about any credit card numbers that could have been compromised.

Domestic Assault — McKenzie Police Officer Cody Coleman arrested Cory Doyle, 46, Thompson Avenue, McKenzie, on the charge of domestic assault after an altercation with Duane Burton Smith, 45, of that same address. On November 29, 1:48 a.m., MPD received a call about an altercation at the Thompson Street address. When Officer Coleman arrived, he found Duane Smith on the front porch. Smith had a bloody nose and a cut on his forearm. Smith reported that his brother, Cory Doyle, had become aggressive after overhearing a conversation concerning Doyle. The report indicates Doyle picked up items such as a vacuum cleaner, chess board, and stroller, in an effort to strike Smith. Doyle told Officer Coleman that he was trying to defend himself. A witness confirmed Smith’s story. Doyle was arrested and transported to Carroll County Jail.

Driving on a Revoked — An unnamed juvenile was charged with Driving on a Revoked License after officer Steven Scott stopped the youth driving a 2007 Lincoln MKX, registered to Ann Sauls of Camden. The incident occurred on Main Street, McKenzie on November 29 at 10:15 p.m.

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