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Huntingdon Mayor’s Teen Advisory Council Meets

Huntingdon Mayor’s Teen Advisory Council Meets


Huntingdon Director of Public Safety

HUNTINGDON (December 12) — Tuesday morning, Mayor Dale Kelley, school representatives and Director of Public Safety Walter Smothers met with the members of the Mayor’s Teen Advisory Council for our final meeting of 2017.

The guest speaker for the meeting was Brad Hurley from the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Hurley’s presentation was about many of the significant places in our county. He informed the group about the large indoor archery range in Atwood, the largest in the area.

Then, he talked about Granges, the rolled aluminum manufacturing plant in Huntingdon. In addition to purchasing the facility, they are investing $113 million to expand the business. This will add 100 good jobs, bringing their workforce to around 500 employees in the Huntingdon plant.

He also mentioned that this decision was not made locally, but was made in Sweden after the new owners had visited and discovered that the workforce at the Huntingdon plant was a very driven and dedicated group of employees.

The Huntingdon plant is the largest facility of its type in North America and is in the top three in the world.

Mr. Hurley next shared information about the Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center, saying that each year approximately 10,000 students from many counties attend events held at The Dixie.

Jason Isbell will be performing there Saturday, December 23, and people from 16 states will be coming to Huntingdon for the show.

He concluded by telling the students he hopes that as they go off to different colleges, they will consider returning to Huntingdon after completing their studies.

The meeting concluded with Mayor Kelley congratulating the Huntingdon High School Mustang football team on their undefeated regular season and presenting them with an inscribed plaque that declared Tuesday, December 12, 2017 as Huntingdon High School Football Day.

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