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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Totsy P. Daniel to Phillip F. and Eric W. Daniel in Districts 15 and 16.

•John W. McComsey to John W. and Peggy S. McComsey in District 19.

•Donald Wayne Hendrix Jr. to David William Hendrix in District 1.

•Allison Renee Thompson to Steven Tyler Thompson in District 4.

•Susan House to Jason and Kelli Postlethwait in District 11.

•April D. Whiting to James D. Hilliard in District 11.

•Samantha M. White to Samantha M. White and others in District 19.

•Joseph and Susan Haffner to Thomas Edwards and Jordan Lee Daniels.

•Timothy Glen Gant to Timothy Glen and Daniel A. Gant in District 24.

•Daniel A. and Jackie K. Gant to Daniel A. and Timothy Glen Gant in District 24.

•Mel and Melinda Palmer to Angela F. Allen in District 4.

•Felicia Hindman to William B. Green.

•Christella Hillsman to Virgie M. Phelps and others.

•Susan M. House to Susan M. House in District 11.

•Michael B. Cary to Ricky Lynn and Lynnette Ruth Douglas in District 14.

•James L. Harper to James L. Harper in District 4.

•Michael Neal to Jerry L. Neal.

•Michael and Brenda Haynes to Dylan and Melissa Adams in District 11.

•Barbara Jean Shoup and others to Christopher Lee and Leeah Monique Bergman in District 11.

•Jackie Pewitt to Mickey C. Pewitt in District 9.

•Michael and Summer Champion to Michael and Summer Champion.

•Terry Ray Bray to Terry Ray Bray and others in District 6.

•Terry Ray Bray to Terry Ray and Ricky Arnold Bray in District 6.

•Terry Ray Bray to Luke Pence in District 6.

•Luke Pence to Ricky Arnold Bray in District 6.

•Jimmy M. and Debra E. Cannon to Kenneth A. and Lorie A. Perry in District 6.

•Rebecca Hampton to William C. Sadler in District 13.

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