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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Bert David Jones to Bert David and Vickie Jones in District 22.

•Jimmy E. Kee and others to Ginger Pierce in District 10.

•Moms McKenzie Trust to Jeff White in District 9.

•Kenneth Mannon and others to Jeff White in District 9.

•Tena L. Fowler to James Brian Bennett in District 22.

•Tina Sue Renfroe to Stone Mountain Custom Homes, LLC in District 11.

•David Michael Taylor to Jim and Todd Minor in District 13.

•Evander W. Walton Jr. to Brett A. and Emily B. Hampton in District 11.

•FirstBank to Elisa Dawn Kyle in District 12.

•Carolyn R. Hamilton to Sparsh, Inc. in District 11.

•The Agee Family Irrevocable Trust to Katherine Lee Young.

•Richard and Linda Cantrell to Jessie G. and Cythia M. Shanklin in District 4.

•Gregory Lynn Wall to Gregory Lynn Wall and Elizabeth Ann Wall in District 24.

•Roger Gooch and others to Gary Glyn and Teri W. Todd.

•Marlene Powers to Danny Wayne and Shelia A. Toombs in District 9.

•Terry L. and Wanda F. Townsend to Scottie and Rosetta Clark in District 11.

•Derek Allen Luther to Jana L. Vickers Luther in District 11.

•Joseph J. and Carole F. Dionne to William David and Deborah Ann Moncrief.

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