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2017: Year in Review

2017: Year in Review


HUNTINGDON — James Glen “Jim” Neely, 76, of Huntingdon, Tennessee, died Wednesday June 14, 2017.

He began his career as a bundle boy with the Publix Shirt Corporation in Huntingdon, where he also served as a union steward with the Amalgated Clothing Workers. From there his career continued and included elections and service for 28 years as president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

Jim served as commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development under two Governors, Ray Blanton and Phil Bredesen. He worked, always, to provide opportunities for Tennesseans.


PARIS (June 26) — James P. Hill, 34, facing an attempted first-degree murder charge for assaulting and binding 96-year-old Dalphy H. Ross and holding her daughter, Janet Lynn Ross and Myron Butler against their will at knife-point inside the victim’s home located on McKee Levee Road near Buena Vista on June 19, was arrested Monday morning at Terrace Woods Lodge in Paris.

Alerted via a tip from a concerned citizen stating they spotted Hill inside a vehicle in the motel’s parking lot, Paris police officers apprehended the suspect who identified himself at the time as John Smith. Police later located Hill’s state-issued identification to verify his identity.


NASHVILLE (June 29) — Bethel University has won its case against the Tennessee Board of Education, and the university’s education department accreditation was reinstated. Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman heard the university’s complaint against the State Board of Education and the chancellor reviewed the Board’s rulings.

Following the hearing, the Court issued an oral bench ruling stating its findings on behalf of the petitioner. According to the ruling, the Court found and concluded the Board of Education had statutory authority to regulate and set standards for Education Preparation Providers (EPPs). Yet, the Board’s attempted revocation of approval of Bethel’s EPP pursuant to policy 5.504 was invalid because it was never properly transmitted in accordance with the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act.

The remaining issues raised in Bethel’s petition regarding the Board’s alleged violations of the school’s due process rights under the Tennessee and United States Constitutions were rendered moot by the Court’s finding that the Board’s attempted revocation of approval of Bethel’s EPP was invalid.

Bethel brought the court action on June 13 in response to a Board of Education vote, recommended by Education Commissioner Candice Mc-Queen, which would have had the immediate effect of revoking Bethel’s longstanding approval to license its graduating students to teach.


McKENZIE (June 30) — Campbell Arms Manufacturing, LLC. (CAM), a veteran- owned manufacturer of small arms components in the weapons industry will locate a new facility in McKenzie with a nearly $850 thousand investment creating 50 full-time jobs.

The company’s investment will cover its move into an existing facility in the Industrial Air Park, as well as manufacturing, fleet and office equipment, hardware and wiring, yard paving and additional renovations and improvements.

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