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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Dennis D. and Nancy L. Watts to Norman and Ashley N. Risner in District 9.

•Priscilla Sue Orders to Priscilla Sue Orders in District 22.

•John Shoaf to John Shoaf Family Trust in District 2.

•Sharon Bridget Hedgepath to Sharon Bridget Hedgepath in District 6.

•Shantilal G. and Umeshkumar S. Rana to Jeff and Tracy Avery in District 11.

•Mark Wendt to Chadwick T. and Genji L. Prater in District 8.

•Sandra Houston and others to Michael Ray Todd.

•Adrian Jamison to Calvon Maurice Willis in District 15.

•T.H.O.D. Smith and others to Christopher and Kimberly Hall in District 4.

•Scott E. Force to Rebecca S. Force.

•Marion O’Neal Replogle to Shirley Delene Coulter in District 21.

•Doris Carolyn Utley to Chad Utley and others in District 11.

•The Mortgage Electronic Registration System, Inc. to Robert and Sarah G. Dias in District 24.

•Ryan Mann to Bradley Swallows in District 11.

•Billy J. Riggs to James Hersel Riggs in District 16.

•Samuel and Dora T. Borntrager to David S. and Ida F. Mast in District 23.

•Raymond Starnes to Killian Fenvan Kilgore.

•Lena Argo to Peyton Chase Harrison in District 4.

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