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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Public Intoxication — A Huntingdon woman was arrested January 30. Deputy Michael Taylor charged Kathleen Cox, 46, of 13420 Paris St. Apartment 3, with public intoxication. According to Taylor’s report, Cox was pulled over after driving a van that Taylor had observed swerving. When Taylor spoke to Cox, she was upset and disoriented, and had a fifth of vodka in her seat that appeared was missing a little.

Theft — Deputies are investigating a theft. On January 26 several tools and construction materials were stolen from the Dollar General construction site in Cedar Grove. Missing tools and materials are valued at $775.

Disorderly Conduct — A Milan man was arrested January 26. Deputy Michael Krause charged Trevor Dillion Frame, 25, with disorderly conduct. According to Krause’s report, deputies were called to Oasis in Atwood due to Frame behaving in a threatening manner. When deputies arrived, Frame approached them in a threatening manner, but then got down on the ground and continued to yell. Krause reported that Frame appeared to be under the influence. Deputies later received a tip that Frame may have been on bath salts.

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