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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Reba and James David Crockett to Reba and James David Crockett in District 11.

•The Norna I. Moore Revocable Living Trust to Mark and Samantha B. Pinson.

•Tonya Lynn Brown to Brinn A. Scarbrough and others in District 11.

•Trustees of the Caledonia Lodge #79 to Derrick Antwon Howard in District 22.

•Judith R. Cunningham to Roy M. Lowrance.

•Kenneth Ray and Sandra Ann Henley to Jacob R. and Megan L. Wortham in District 16.

•Pamela G. Butler Ragland and others to Matthew Simpson in District 11.

•Leann E. Ashburn and other to Leann E. Ashburn and others in District 16.

•The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Danny R. and Elizabeth D. Hayes in District 4.

•Wells Fargo Bank to James L. and Sandra G. Callis.

•Alan D. Turner to Charles Lee Johnson in District 1.

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