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County to Upgrade Courthouse Security

County to Upgrade Courthouse Security

HUNTINGDON — The county of Carroll has received a grant to upgrade its metal detector outside the General Sessions, Circuit Court, and Chancery Court rooms at the Carroll County Courthouse.

Carroll County Commissioners are asked to amend its budget to accept a grant of $12,242.44 for the equipment and another $3,000 for training on the new device.

That is one resolution on the Commission’s March agenda.

Other items on the agenda include: A resolution to appoint Phyllis Smith to the Carroll County Indigent Care Board to replace the late William Lee Smothers.

A resolution asking Bill Haslam and the General Assembly to appropriate money to the West Tennessee River Basin Authority to help secure additional federal funding. The authority provides flood risk management, stream maintenance, channel stabilization, infrastructure protection, and water resources management.

A resolution from the McKenzie Industrial Development Board asking the county to support industrial development projects through local grants or incentives. Frank Tate, executive director of the McKenzie Industrial Development Corporation, will address the Commission on the matter.

A resolution to appoint Hal Eason, Randy Long, Gaylon Sydnor, Janice Tippitt, Dottie Walker, Kim Renfroe Johnson, and Robert Chandler to the Carroll County Agriculture Extension Committee.

A resolution to transfer $25,150 from insurance proceeds to the Drug Fund as reimbursement for a pickup truck that was totally destroyed after being struck by a motorist.

A resolution tabled during the January meeting might reappear during the March meeting. It was to abandon portions of two county roads adjacent to the Carroll County 1000-Acre Recreational Lake. A private developer wants to acquire ownerships to develop gated residential communities.

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