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Election Commission Prepares for Republican Primary

Election Commission Prepares for Republican Primary



HUNTINGDON (February 27) — Commissioners of the Carroll County Election Commission met Tuesday, February 27 and prepared for the first-ever Republican Primary for county elections slated for May 1.

Commissioners secured the ballot boxes with seals from representatives of the Republican and Democratic representatives, Ron Reiter and Michael Corrado, respectively. Commissioner Nellie Hale recorded the embedded security number on each locking device.

The May 1 Republican Primary has one contested race, that of the county mayor with two candidates, Joseph Butler and Tim Pratt.

The Commission is seeking mostly poll workers who identify themselves as Republicans for the May 1 Primary. The Commission realizes it will lack adequate numbers of Republicans and will complete the roster with persons of Democratic or independent leanings.

The county’s Republican Party is also encouraged to appoint poll watchers for the Primary.

The Commission called for the August 2 state and federal primaries, county general, and Clarksburg city general election.

Election machines will be programmed on March 7 for the May 1 primary. Machine techs Dan Thompson and Carl Nolen will program.

Billy J. Smith, chairman, said the local Election Commission no longer issues precinct maps without a disclosure that some of the state-generated maps might have some inaccuracies. Administrator Peg Hamlett issued maps with the disclaimer. She also noted, for instance, the West Carroll Special School District has precincts, however, those are not well defined in the district’s bylaws. So, by agreement between the school district and the commission, the districts are defined along voting precinct lines.

Commissioners next meet on May 1.

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