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Huntingdon Seeks Inclusion in State Downtown Program

Huntingdon Seeks Inclusion in State Downtown Program

HUNTINGDON (February 27) — Huntingdon Mayor and Council approved a resolution to seek inclusion in the Tennessee Downtowns Program in an effort to receive grants to renovate and preserve historic downtown buildings.

Tennessee Downtowns requires training to participate in the competitive grant program. It requires a 24-month education and grant process.

If successful, the town can work with local owners of downtown buildings to improve the façade of the buildings in an effort to improve its outer appearance, and convert it to its original design.

In other business, the council approved entering into a contract with Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act On-the-Job Training Program, working through the contractor, Dyersburg State Community College. The program allows up to 50 percent of the wage rate of the participant. The program will aid in sending a new patrol officer to the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Two customers’ water bills were adjusted for extensive leaks. Cathy Weathers’ bill of $953.70 was adjusted to $250, and the bill for Huntingdon High School was adjusted from $7,799.88 to $2,472.84 after a leak while school was dismissed. The average bill for HHS is $2,272.84.

Old water meters were sold to David Adams at a price of $3.00 per meter. Great Hand LLC bid $281.00 total for the whole lot of meters. Mayor Dale Kelley said Adams’ bid provided a few more dollars than Great Hand.

The 2017 financial audit indicated one finding for the General, Drug, and Solid Waste funds total expenditures exceeding appropriations by $49,782, $180, and $148 respectively. Mayor Kelley said the problems were all budgeting oversights. The following summary of net change in fund balance for each account is as follows: General Fund, decrease of $45356; Dixie PAC, $8,239 increase; Public Improvement, $4,250 increase; Drug Fund, decrease of $34,346 – funded from previous year’s reserve; Utility Fund – decrease of $96,820, including the depreciation total of $498,428; and Industrial Board, $117,748, including depreciation total of $25,660.

The Public Works and Public Utility Department sold accumulated surplus scrap metal netting revenue of $3,984.69 to the General Fund and $2,297.75 to the Utility Fund.

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