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McKenzie Police Reports

McKenzie Police Reports

Domestic Assault — Officer Trey Boucher charged Daniel Brandon Wilson, 36 of Buchanan with domestic assault and transported him to Carroll County Jail after a March 5 incident on Forrest Circle.

According to the report, Wilson assaulted his girlfriend by slamming her to the ground and ramming his knee into her neck. The victim’s mother witnessed a portion of the assault and phoned the police.

Theft — Officer Mark Boaz took a report of a theft of a gaming console from a residence on Richardson Avenue. On March 8, Jashua Adam Saylor said he left the house to travel to Henry and return. Two other persons knew he was leaving. When he returned, the gaming console was missing from his bedroom. There were mud and debris in the floor where the subjects entered the house.

Domestic Assault — Officer Trey Boucher charged Christopher Arnold, 41, of McKenzie with domestic assault on March 10 after a 5:30 p.m. incident at his Kencindot home.

Mr. Arnold was arrested after a 911 call was received from the residence. Arnold and family members were outside the home. He was asked to calm down by officers and did not obey the order. He attempted to flee on foot and fell in the yard. He was arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault, disorderly conduct, evading arrest, and resting stop, halt, arrest.

Child Neglect — Officer Jeremiah Brooks investigated an incident of child neglect on March 10. Two six-year-olds and one three-year-old was playing in a ditch and in the street a significant distance from their home on Georgia Avenue. Brooks advised the adults of the situation and reported the matter to the Department of Children’s Services. No charges were filed by MPD.

Domestic Assault — Officer Trey Boucher charged Robert Allen Reed, 37, of Forrest Circle, McKenzie with domestic assault and resisting arrest after an incident on March 10 at 6:20 p.m. According to the report, officers were called to the scene to assist EMS paramedics. Officers found Mr. Reed in the bedroom in an intoxicated state. He told them to leave. They waited for EMS to arrive. They were also ordered to leave. As the police were leaving, Reed’s female friend asked them to return inside. She said Reed threatened her and placed her in fear for her safety. Reed was arrested and transported to Carroll County Jail.

Broken Car Window — Officer Mark Boaz investigated a broken car window on March 8. Juan Calderon said someone shattered the window in his car by using a rock or an air rifle.

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