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Carroll County General Sessions Court

Carroll County General Sessions Court

HUNTINGDON (April 4-5) — The following cases were bound over the Grand Jury of the Carroll County Circuit Court.

Crystal Dawn Alexander, Trezevant, on charges of initiate manufacture of methamphetamine.

Brandie Jarrett, Huntingdon, bound over on charges of initiate manufacture of methamphetamine.

Other cases were disposed of as follows: Curtis M. Anderson, Memphis, guilty of registration expired; dismissed charge of no proof of financial responsibility.

David Wayne Armstrong, Huntingdon, guilty, theft, restitution to retail store, six months supervised probation, $100 fine.

Justin Blocer, Memphis, pretrial diversion, vandalism, restitution must be made, six months supervised probation, six months unsupervised probation.

Zakkeus Bonds, Henderson, guilty, simple possession, $250 fine.

Michael Rayn Cunningham, McKenzie, dismissed, driving while cancelled.

Alfonza Duffy, Huntingdon, guilty, driving while suspended, second or subsequent offense, no sentence listed.

John Edward Dunn,, McKenzie, guilty, leaving scene of accident, dismissed charge of vandalism.

Tina Kay Edwards, Huntingdon, pre-trial diversion, plea bargain, theft, restitution to retail store, no contact with store.

Michael Scott Farmer, Huntingdon, Dismissed, driving while revoked.

Christopher Frazier, McKenzie, guilty, driving while revoked, second or later offense, $250 fine, 11/19 supervised probation, 10 days jail; dismissed, speeding; guilty, lack of financial responsibility.

Cleve Gilbert, McKenzie, pretrial diversion on public intoxication.

Joshua Henley, Lexington, dismissed, failure to appear and probation violation; guilty, driving while suspended, use of stolen license plates, $200 fine, 10 days jail, 5/20 unsupervised probation; dismissed, speeding.

Albiro J. King, Bruceton, dismissed, driving while suspended.

Shaquise T. Long, McKenzie, guilty, driving while revoked, second or subsequent offense, 11/29 unsupervised probation; dismissed, financial responsibilitylaw.

Ernesto Marquecho, Hollow Rock, guilty, simple possession, $250 fine and costs.

Joffre McAlexander, Smyrna, guilty, DUI, two days jail, loss of license for one year, $250 fine plus court costs; dismissed, open container and light law.

Jill McDonald, Greenfield, dismissed, driving while cancelled.

Deborah Moody, Trezevant, dismissed, contempt of court.

Dennis E. Morris, Jr., Milan, dismissed, aggravated kidnapping; guilty, domestic assault, 45 days jail, anger management classes, supervised probation 11/29.

Stephen Wayne Pace, Paris, dismissed, driving while cancelled.; guilty, failure to appear, $100 fine.

Jason Rainey, McKenzie, guilty, failure to appear, $100 fine and costs; guilty, driving while revoked, $100 fine.

Joseph Romines, McKenzie, pre-trial diversion, plea bargain on charge of assault-attempt, no contact with victims until April 4, 2019.

Nicholas Simmons, Huntingdon, guilty, possession of drug paraphernalia, $150 fine, 11/29 probation; guilty, probation violation, 60 days jail; dismissed – failure to appear.

George Sturdivant, McKenzie, guilty, public intoxication, $50 fine and costs.

Paul Ray Townsend, McKenzie, guilty, reckless driving, $350 fine, 48 hours jail, 5/28 supervised probation.

Kendall Weatherford, McKenzie dismissed, driving while license suspended.

Michael Welch, McKenzie, dismissed, domestic assault and failure to appear.

Kenneth Wharton, Henry, guilty, driving while suspended, $100 fine, six months probation.

Donald Wheat, Huntingdon, guilty, disorderly conduct, $50 fine and costs.

Dominque Whelan, McKenzie, guilty, domestic assault, 11/29 suspended sentence, anger management classes; guilty, possession of drug paraphernalia, $125 fine and costs.

Ladarius Williams, pre-trial diversion, vandalism, restitution to victim, no contact with victim, six months supervised probation, 5/29 unsupervised probation.

Tina Willis, Huntingdon, pretrial diversion, theft, no contact with retail store, restitution to store, 10 hours community service.

Alpha Wilson, Huntingdon, guilty, DUI-first offense, 11/29 suspended sentence, $350 fine, 48 jours jail, loss of license for one year.

Kim Jun Yung, McKenzie, guilty, reckless driving, $250 fine, 15 days jail; guilty, drag racing, $250 fine, 15 days jail; dismissed, drivers failure to exercise due care.

Chelsey Brotherton, Huntingdon, guilty, simple possession, $250 fine and costs.

Tiffany Capozzi, McKenzie, guilty, possession of drug paraphernalia, $125 fine.

Tony Horner, Atwood, guilty, possession of meth, $750 fine, jail 180 days, 11/29 supervised probation; guilty, simple possession, $250 fine.

Charles Brent Jackson, Huntingdon, dismissed, initiate manufacture of meth and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Tasha Simmons, Huntingdon,, dismissed, domestic assault.

Mariques Taylor, McKenzie, dismissed, vandalism.

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