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Huntingdon Police Reports

Huntingdon Police Reports

Assault — A Huntingdon woman was arrested March 28.

Sergeant Brad Allen charged Sara E. Taylor, 22, with domestic assault. According to Allen’s report, officers were called to a residence on Paris Street in regards to an assault. When officers arrived, they spoke with Taylor’s husband, who said Sara Taylor had been at his home. He said that his wife had jumped on him and bitten his back and then hit him with a hard bat. Officers saw two bite marks on him and a scratch on his head. When officers found Sara, she was at her parents’ home. She admitted that she had been at her husband’s home and the two of them had fought. Officers saw no sign of injury on her.

Assault — A Huntingdon man was arrested March 27.

Sergeant Brad Allen charged James P. Forrest, 33, with simple assault and domestic assault. Officers were dispatched to Hillcourt Circle in reference to an assault. When they arrived, they spoke with two women who gave statements that Forrest had assaulted them. One of the women said Forrest had pushed her into the door of the truck she had been in. The other woman gave a statement that Forrest had shoved her shoulders and pushed her out of the way.

Disorderly Conduct — A Huntingdon man was arrested March 28.

Sergeant Chris Cole charged Donald D. Wheat, 61, with disorderly conduct. According to Cole’s report, officers spotted Wheat behind Bill’s Florist. There was a trespassing order that needed to be served to Wheat from another business. When officers approached Wheat, he began yelling and would not stop. Eventually, an employee from Bill’s came out to see what the noise was about. Wheat was then taken into custody.

Driving on a Revoked License — A Huntingdon woman was cited into court March 30.

Sergeant Brad Allen charged Derra Locarol Johnson, 25, with driving on a revoked license and violation of light law. According to Allen’s report, Johnson was stopped while driving because there was a headlight out on her vehicle. A computer check revealed that Johnson’s driver’s license was revoked.

Driving on Suspended License — A Huntingdon man was cited into court March 27.

Sergeant Brad Allen charged Tristan John Roberts, 18, with driving on a suspended license. According to Allen’s report, he saw Roberts sitting behind the wheel of a running vehicle in a parking lot. Allen had prior knowledge that his license was suspended, and confirmed that with a computer check.

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