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Looking Back

Looking Back

From Our Archives…

10 YEARS AGO — Citing several findings, the Tennessee Corrections Institute decertified the Carroll County Jail. It was projected that replacing the 32-year-old, 112-bed facility with a 150-bed jail would cost taxpayers $8-10 million.

*Several county roads sustained damage due to heavy flooding, leading to multiple closures. Carroll County Highway Department crews repaired washouts and replaced culverts. Damaged roads included Highway 22, State Route 436, Clay Farm Road, Preacher Brown Road, Little Beaver Road, Pardue Road and Ephesus Church Road.

20 YEARS AGO — McKenzie Mayor Gene Anderson and Vice-Mayor Dan Bradfield announced that they would not seek reelection.

*Bethel College President Robert J. Imhoff announced that he would not seek renewal of his contract when it expired in 1999.

50 YEARS AGO — Showing at the Park Theatre: Walt Disney’s The Happiest Millionaire starring Fred MacMurray and Tommy Steele; P.J. starring George Peppard and Raymond Burr; and House of 1,000 Dolls starring Vincent Price, Martha Hyer and George Nader.

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