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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Jimmy and Virginia Davis to Tyler Brooke Hinson in District 11.

•Katy Elizabeth Cloutier and others to Katy Elizabeth Cloutier in District 4.

•David P. and Mary E. Schrock to Cynthia Lee Veazie in District 3.

•Fred Geurts and others to Charles D. and Wendy L. Cates in Districts 8 and 11.

•Helen Louise Kelly to Jimmy L. Gurley in District 6.

•Will and Vicki Stephens to Wesley and Kimberly Bradshaw in District 4.

•BWB Properties, LLC to Julie Ann Summers and others in District 4.

•Kathy Wood to Elvis J. Williams III in District 16.

•Chandler G. Blake to Randall L. and Sherry Bowden in District 10.

•Larry Joe Chrisman to Julydia Chrisman.

•Patrick J. and Patty J. Riehl to Rick Niswonger and others in Districts 6 and 7.

•Lane Properties, II LP to Steve Williams and others in Districts 5 and 21.

•Steve Williams and others to W & W Farms in Districts 5 and 21.

•Kenneth L. and Brenda K. Doster to David Doster in District 4.

•Barbara Cantu Mobley-Cabrera to Robert and Deborah Cleary in District 11.

•Windell G. McCartney to Joshua William Hubble in District 22.

•Johnnie Petering to Vineet Singh in District 4.

•Donna Jo Perkins Blair and others to Rex and Joyce McMackin in District 16.

•Wilson & Associates, PLLC to FirstBank in District 21.

•Ray and Wilma Smith to Ronnie and Lisa Webb in District 16.

•Timothy J. Williams and others to Timothy J. Williams and others in District 8.

•Mahlon A. and Mary A. Yoder and others to Joyce West in District 11.

•Mary Carolyn Stanfield to Jack R. and Debbie Lee Blocker in District 16.

•Odell Boyd and others to Kathleen B. Holmes in District 16.

•Jimmy and Virginia Davis to Tyler Brooke Hinson in District 11.

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