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Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Carroll County Sheriff’s Reports

Assault — A Hollow Rock man was arrested May 2. Deputy Labe Ezell charged Killian Fenian Kilgore, 29, of 3040 North Street with assault, vandalism over $1,000, and fugitive from justice. According to Ezell’s report, deputies responded to a call about a domestic assault. When deputies arrived, they found Kilgore in his truck with another vehicle, which had significant damage to it. He admitted to ramming into the vehicle with his truck. The vehicle belonged to the mother of his child. Deputies found a handgun with no ammunition in the truck. The victim told deputies that Kilgore had choked her that day. Deputies saw red marks on her neck consistent with that story. The victim’s husband also told deputies that when he had been inside Kilgore’s residence, he had seen weapons and materials used for making fake identification and documents. He took photos, which he showed to deputies. Kilgore also had two warrants for his arrest, one out of Benton County and another out of Florida.

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