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Huntingdon Police Reports

Huntingdon Police Reports

Multiple Charges — A McKenzie man was arrested May 1. Investigator Joseph Hedge charged Joseph M. Skipworth, 24, with theft under $1,000, possession of controlled substance for resale, and possession of drug paraphernalia. According to Hedge’s report, officers were called to Walmart when employees reported that Skipworth had attempted to steal a Bluetooth item worth $118.53. When officers patted Skipworth down, they found a pipe and 2.3 grams of methamphetamine on him.

Multiple Charges — A Paris man was arrested May 1. Investigator Joseph Hedge charged Kasey N. Crosno, 24, with theft under $1,000 and possession of schedule IV. According to Hedge’s report, Kasey had attempted to take several items from Little General in Huntingdon. When officers were searching him, they found a Xanax bar in a plastic bag.

Multiple Charges — A Huntingdon man was arrested April 21. Investigator Joseph Hedge charged Christopher Medlock, 30, with theft under $1,000 and public intoxication. According to Hedge’s report, officers received a call from Elizabeth Cope, who said Medlock had jumped out of a ditch near her residence and stolen her child’s bike. She was able to catch him and push him off the bike, but he stole a bike out of another yard and took off on it. Officers found Medlock at his grandmother’s residence, and the second stolen bike was near the residence. Hedge reported that Medlock was in a very intoxicated state.

Public Intoxication — A Jackson man was arrested April 17. Patrolman Cody Walker charged Chad J. Hudgins, 40, with public intoxication. According to Walker’s report, officers received a call about a man at Huck’s who was passed out in a truck with a bottle of vodka between his legs. When officers arrived, the subject was roaming around in Huck’s. He was identified as Chad Hudgins. He was unsteady on his feet, had bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech. Hudgins admitted to drinking alcohol.

Driving on Revoked — A Huntingdon man was cited into court on May 4. Patrolman Brandon Leek charged Brandon Barnhart, 25, with driving on a revoked license and seatbelt violation. According to Leek’s report, he conducted a traffic stop on Barnhart for not wearing a seatbelt. When Leek ran a status check on Barnhart’s driver’s license, it was found to be revoked.

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