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McKenzie Police Reports

McKenzie Police Reports

Officers Catch Burglar in Action — McKenzie Police officers charged William Alexander Raspa, 23, of Tumbling Creek Road, McKenzie with burglary, evading arrest, and possession of burglary tools after he was spotted by officers inside the E.W. James grocery on Main Street in McKenzie.

According to a report filed by Trey Boucher, MPD received a call from a store employee at 5:25 a.m. on May 10 that a masked man was in the rear of the store when the employee opened that morning. Raspa entered through a trash compactor chute. When officers confronted Raspa, he jumped down the chute and ran from the back of the store, where Chief Craig Moates was waiting in his vehicle. Patrolman Mark Boaz chased Raspa on foot through Midway Materials business lot and ordered him to stop, which he disregarded. Raspa was found a short time later hiding in some thick brush on top of a hill behind Anderson Tires. He was ordered to halt, but instead ran further into the brush. Chief Moates pulled his truck toward that area to cut off Raspa, who ran into Moates’ truck and fell backward. Boucher was coming down a hill when he saw Raspa getting off the ground. The suspect was ordered to put his hands in the air, but refused. Boucher placed Raspa on the ground and handcuffed him. He refused to have an ambulance come to the scene, so he was transported to the hospital for observation and cleared by medical staff. He was then transported to Carroll County Jail.

Vandalism and Public Intoxication — Officer Jeremiah Brooks charged James M. Entrekin, 39, of Forrest Avenue with vandalism on May 8. The report indicates Entrekin was destroying the screen in the door of the apartment building where he was living. He was charged with public intoxication and vandalism.

Sale/Delivery of a Controlled Substance — Officer Kyle Beauchamp charged Isaiah Kierre Twones, 19, McKenzie with sale/ delivery of a controlled substance on May 7, at 11:35 p.m.

Officers Beauchamp and Brandon Leek were on patrol when a gray car passed them on Walnut Avenue. The headlines were turned off. The vehicle was stopped. The driver was Mr. Christopher Allen. A front seat passenger, Isaiah Townes was charged with possession after officers smelled the scent of marijuana. The driver, Townes, and a rear seat passenger all exited the vehicle. A backpack, positioned between Townes’ legs, was searched. Officers found a plastic baggie with a green-leafy material, the second baggie with 1.51 grams of marijuana, and loose marijuana weighing approximate 6.8 ounces. Townes had $145 cash in his front pocket and another $1,357 in his pocket. The money was seized because it was believed to have been obtained illegally. A bottle of Absolut Vodka was seized from the underage suspect. One of the $20 bill was marked “for motion picture use only.”

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