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Police Officer McGee Honored by Students

Police Officer McGee Honored by Students

McKENZIE (May 11) — McKenzie High School students shared their praise and appreciation for McKenzie Police Department Officer Frank McGee on Friday, May 11 in the lobby of McKenzie High School.

McGee’s last day at McKenzie Police Department was Friday. The Bruceton resident has accepted employment as a deputy with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.

Students personally signed a large vinyl banner and offered personal messages to Officer McGee. Officer McGee directed the morning and afternoon traffic at MHS each day. He was known for offering a thumbs up, telling children to “have a nice day,” or offering a welcoming smile.

In their personal messages on Friday, students wrote about the positive influence he had on their daily lives. Students also brought their favorite candy as a gift to Officer McGee.

Officer McGee is pictured with the students. And yes, he is giving thumbs up in the photo.

McGee said he loved directing school traffic and seeing the students each day.

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