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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Gene Doris Kehrer to Gene and Darce Kehrer and others in District 11.

•Michelle Staten to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc.

•Anna M. and Donna G. Wade to Christina Hopkins in District 17.

•Anna D. Morris to Northwest Tennessee Property General Partnership.

•William Joseph Kyle and others to David Bruce and Kathryn Ann Dycus in District 6.

•Lannie Timothy and Ann H. Rollins to John Reeder Austin in District 19.

•Charles Roland Argo to J. Redugio Flores Landeroz and others in District 22.

•Patricia A. Simpkins to Dakota Cook and others in District 19.

•Lowell and Barbara Warren to Jennifer Bramble in District 22.

•David Len McBride to Corey Steven Wilson in District 4.

•Marion O’Neal Replogle to Marion O’Neal Replogle and others in District 20.

•Marion O’Neal Replogle to Marion O’Neal Replogle and others in District 1.

•Daniel Anderson and others to Margaret Justine Sellers in District 7.

•Anita White Fisher to Kayla and Joshua Chandler in District 11.

•W. Richard Hamilton to Marty E. Ensley and others in District 7.

•Brenda K. Wright to Matthew- Shane Wright and others in District 11.

•Darrell and Charlotte Shands to Chris and Ashley Sawyer in District 18.

•Janice Ruffell and others to Gregory H. and Kay J. Jones in District 4.

•Peter A Allphin to Bruce and Tonya Hinson.

•Randy Almand to Darrell Bowden.

•Leonard and Louise Bateman to Charles L. Bateman in District 1.

•Cassie M. Essary to Newton Family Trust in District 4.

•Gene Gaylor and Christy Michelle Dougherty to Shane and Courtney Oatsvall in District 16.

•O’Neal and Judy Allen Mitchell to Rodney Hargrove in District 18.

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