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Special Graduation Section Inside

Special Graduation Section Inside

The annual graduation section is in this issue of The McKenzie Banner. It features individual photographs of seniors from the five high schools in Carroll County plus Gleason.

Area schools graduated the following number of students: McKenzie, 107; Huntingdon, 75; West Carroll, 58; Hollow Rock-Bruceton, 40; Gleason, 32; and Clarksburg, 26.

The staff of The Banner worked over the weekend to attend, photograph, and write about the area graduations. Compiling the stories of six graduations was challenging in the short time period.

The Banner thanks Cristi Wallace of Gleason and Robin Buttrey of Clarksburg for assisting the staff in obtaining photos from their respective areas of Gleason and Clarksburg.


G raduati on 2018 KEEPSAKE EDITION McKenzie • Huntingdon • West Carroll • Gleason Hollow Rock-Bruceton • Clarksburg

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