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Property Transfers

Property Transfers

•Karla K. Wyatt to Benjamin Steven Wyatt.

•Richard William and Alta Seeger to Cameron Speake and Rebecca G. Morey.

•Douglas and Janice Hedge to Christie Dawn Graves in District 16.

•Barbara Duke to Duke Family Trust in District 16.

•Paul B. and Betty Ann Toombs to Pamela T. Castleman in Districts 4 and 9.

•Paul B. and Betty Ann Toombs to Paula Doster in Districts 4 and 9.

•Paul B. to Betty Ann Toombs to Johnny N. Scott and others in District 4.

•Elizabeth Beard to Darrell Martin Beard in District 2.

•Nabil Estafanous to Nabil Estafanous and others.

•Ricky D. Rogers to Irene and John Jackson in District 16.

•Tommy and Peggy Boaz to Brittany Ann and Timothy James Meggs in District 16.

•Elizabeth Cope to William Douglas Byrd in District 1.

•Elizabeth N. Jones to Thomas W. Jones in District 3.

•Kenneth Ray Pinkston to Brenda Matlock Pinkston in District 16.

•Lori Turpen to William Garth Jackson.

•Robert T. and Martha Bobo to Stephen and Vanessa Bobo in District 3.

•Denise M and William A. Pozzi to Debra Ann and Thomas John Baker in District 18.

•Bruce Martin to Kristine P. Baker in District 8.

•Victoria E. Docauer to Victoria E. Docauer in District 4.

•William M. to Ruby J. Yoder to Alan Guasta in District 23.

•Jason S. Reeves to Ashley B. Walker and others.

•Pacific Warehouses, LLC to Jack Richard Roek in District 4.

•The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Randall D. Hodges in District 11.

•Randall D. Hodges to Gisela C. Hodges in District 11.

•Charles Lutz to Carolyn Lutz in District 11.

•Billy D. and Larry R. Pritchard to Billy D. and Nelda Pritchard in District 14.

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