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Commission Approves Year-End Budget Amendments, Tiny Houses

Commission Approves Year-End Budget Amendments, Tiny Houses

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HUNTINGDON (June 11) — Carroll County Commissioners approved 11 resolutions dealing with year-end budgetary transfers to balance the 2017-18 fiscal year budget before it closes June 30.

Also commissioners approved an appropriation of $25,000 as the county’s share of an industrial access road for a prospective industry for the McKenzie Industrial Park adjacent to the Carroll County Airport. In March, the commission approved building the road. The most recent resolution provides funding for a portion of the road’s costs.

Commissioners approved regulations on tiny houses in the planning region around the 1000-Acre Lake.

Tiny houses shall have a similar appearance as a site-built house, and have a permanent foundation, same construction material as a traditional home, a pitched roof, and must connect with a public utilities – gas, electric, water, and sewer, if available and/or applicable for residential use. Tiny houses cannot exceed two stories in height. The house must also meet identical land requirements as traditional housing, one acre Commission

for houses without sewer and 8,000 square feet with sewer available.

Resolution 6-3 calls for $1,240.96 to be transferred from insurance recovery to a liability account after insurance was paid on a damaged Sheriff’s Department vehicle.

Resolution 6-4 accepts payment of $57,980 from the State to reimburse the county for funds expended on medical costs for a state prisoner housed at the county jail.

Resolution 6-5 transfers $7,000 from fund balance into an expenditure account. Resolution 6-6 transfers $17,500 from the Library’s Reserve Account to various intra-accounts of the Library.

Resolution 6-7 transfers $98.295 for the General Purpose School Fund to record the extra funds received from the State of Tennessee.

Resolution 6-8 transfers $3,000 to the debt service account.

Resolution 6-9 transfers $7,500 to various expenditure accounts from the Drug Fund.

Resolution 6-10 transfers $5,435.44 from the Fund Balance to the Carroll County Drug Fund.

Resolution 6-11 transfers $40,820 to various expenditure accounts from Fund Balance Account in the General Fund.

Resolution 6-12 transfers $64,800 into various expenditure accounts for the Sheriff’s Department and Carroll County Jail.

Resolution 6-13 transfers $201,000 into expenditure accounts to balance the Highway Department budget. The funds were transferred from the reserve account.

Natalie Porter and Lucas Mercker were appointed to the Carroll County Library Board.

Also, Walter Reaster, a resident adjacent to the 1000-Acre Recreation Lake, addressed the Commission. Commissioners voted against gifting him a portion of a road at the lake during the May meeting. Reaster said he wanted the road to erect a gate to reduce crime in the area. He and another landowner have requested to construct a subdivision in the area. The gift of the dead-end road would make possible the construct of that gated community.

Reaster told commissioners that people stop on the dead-end road and they drink and trespass. One neighbor’s door has been kicked in. He noted even the lake’s headquarters is gated during non-business hours. He requested 500 feet of the road be gifted to him, since the road does not provide public access to the water. Commissioners did not act on his request during the meeting.

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