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Marriage Licenses

Marriage Licenses

•Abbie Priestly Carden, 21, of Huntingdon to Coy Dalton Houston, 23, of Huntingdon.

•Tamika Earlean Simmons, 32, of McKenzie to David Martin Davis, 35, of McKenzie.

•Samuel Wesley Savage, 23, of McKenzie to Ashley Dre’ Anna Delaney, 25, of McKenzie.

•Randall Dewayne Tanaka, 57, of McKenzie to Becky Faye Pratt Riggs, 50, of McKenzie.

•Joel Lynn Allen, 42, of McKenzie to Kelly Dawn Filtz, 31, of Gleason.

•Richard George Amidon, 86, of Huntingdon to Fairy Elanie Smith, 62, of Huntingdon.

•Victoria Nicole Young, 24, of Camden to Haden Tyler Williams, 24, of Bruceton.

•Tyler Daniel Massey, 22, of Camden to Heather Leigh Willis, 23, of Huntingdon.

•Ivy Leigh Renfroe, 27, of Jackson to Jay Edward Lowery, 29, of Huntingdon.

•Adam Alton Lineberry, 35, of Atwood to Virginia Gail Hobbs, 41, of Atwood.

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