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McKenzie Police Reports

McKenzie Police Reports

Domestic Assault — Officer Jeff Winberry arrested Jefferson G. Crowe, 27, and Laura Perrigo, 39, both of Walnut Street for domestic assault after an incident on June 5 during the afternoon.

According to the report, Crowe entered the home and assaulted Perrigo as she lay on the sofa. The report indicates Perrigo came at Crowe with a knife. Officers were unable to determine a primary aggressor so both were arrested. Perrigo was charged with aggravated domestic assault for threatening Crowe with a knife.

Driving on Suspended License — Officer Brandon Leek charged Nicole Moore, 26, of 1190 N. Main Street with driving on a suspended license on the afternoon of June 9. Officer Leek was investigating a report of a child playing in the street when Ms. Moore pulled her vehicle into the residence where Officer Leek was parked. A check of license indicated the suspended status.

Driving On Suspended License — Officer Kyle Beauchamp charged Ramon Marque Lopez, 21, Forrest Avenue, McKenzie with driving on a suspended license and following too closely on June 10.

Leek witnessed Lopez almost collide with a truck and then accelerated quickly to closely follow the pickup truck. Officer Leek stopped Lopez and charged him with following too closely and driving on a suspended license. He was cited into court and has ten days to report.

Evading Arrest — Officer Kyle Beauchamp charged Brandon Leach, 31, of Radford Lake Road, Henry for evading arrest after he fled from officers on June 8 at around 7:12 p.m.

The officer witnessed the window tint was too dark on the GMC Yukon driven by Leach.

When the SUV came to a stop, Leach exited the vehicle and fled on foot as he carried something in his hand. Patrolman Scott chased the suspect through some woods and into Walnut Circle where Patrolman Jeremy Brooks was able to join in the chase. Brooks got in front of the suspect and was able to assist Scott in his capture. Leach claimed he dropped a bag of marijuana in the bushes. Officers never found the bag. Leach was transported to Carroll County Jail.

Drug Paraphernalia, Public Intoxication — Officer Jeff Winberry charged Donna Marie McDaniel, 37, of Scotts Hill with public intoxication and possession of drug paraphernalia after an incident on June 9 on Highland Drive.

McDaniel was riding with a man, with whom she had stayed a couple of days. He was driving her home, stopped for fuel when she started acting strange. Officers were called, who learned she had smoked meth the previous night. A glass pipe was found on her person. She was charged as noted.

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