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Scotts’ Annual Celebration

Scotts’ Annual Celebration

On Sunday, June 3, the Scotts’ family and friends gathered at the barn in the McKenzie Recreational Park for a great day of fellowship and food. They enjoyed approximately two hours of music and singing by the Scotts and friends.

Those signing the register were James A. Scott, Melvin Scott, Thelma Sawyers, Alicia and Justin Porter, Jaxxon Porter, Jada Kayte Sparks, Carolyn Linvilly, Jerith Sparks, Bobby and Diana Sawyers, Anita Sawyers, Annie Mae Holland, Margaret Flippin, Margaret Gassett, Vivian Denton, Earl and Betty Akins, Winnie Crews, Delores Hickman, Hollis Scott, Jr., Pat and Jim Presgrove, John and Pat Mitchell and Geneva and Ken Wright.

They came from Nashville, Memphis, Cordova, Lexington, Huntingdon, McLemoresville, Trezevant, Dresden, Dyersburg, Humboldt and the McKenzie area.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the time together and the entertainment.

Mrs. Josie’s Famous Coconut Cake was made by Anita Sawyers. If anyone left hungry, it was their own fault. Blessing was by Hollis Jr.

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