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McKenzie, Paris Rotary Meet at Sweet Jordan’s

McKenzie, Paris Rotary Meet at Sweet Jordan’s

PARIS — McKenzie Rotary Club met at Sweet Jordan’s Restaurant in Paris on Tuesday, June 26 for its regular weekly meeting.

The club enjoyed the hospitality of the hosts and the special recognition from the staff on mostly special needs adults. Club members decided to meet at the restaurant after hearing a presentation from Brad and Jordan St. John several weeks ago.

Several members of the Paris Rotary Club joined the McKenzie members. Travis McLeese, director of the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce also attended.

On the website, Jordan describes his life as follows: “I was given less than five percent chance of living. That’s what the doctor told my mom and dad when my mom was just four months pregnant with me. Looking back now it is so evident to my family and I that God had other plans for me. You see, not only did I have major medical issues going on with me that would need special attention, but my parents were also told that I had Downs Syndrome. Several people advised my young parents that I should just be aborted, after all what kind of life did I have to look forward to right? Perhaps that’s what the world thinks but thank God, my parents knew better. They knew that God has a special plan for ALL His children… even me. God used my life to change their minds and hearts and I believe that 26 years later, He is using my life again to change something else…my community. I believe I and others like me can do anything if given the chance.”

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